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One Sunday afternoon I had a random thought of going back to blogging.

I used to write in two blogs: the first was for anything under the sun (my travels, some bad poetry, some misguided social commentary), the other was more focused on organizational communication, which I do as a profession and teach as a passion.

Along the way I fell more in love with microblogging—the 140-character limit seemed a lot easier to do than writing an entire blog post. A blank page can really be daunting sometimes.

On Twitter, I can babble on and on, and those crazy enough to follow me won’t mind (I assume). I can also retweet what cool people say, put in ”agreed!” or “can’t agree more,” and I instantly sound smarter than I am (RTs work wonders in making you smarter, I tell you. Try it. Don’t forget to follow me first; it’s the best first step to awesome microblogging. Follow me here now, gorgeous).

On my WordPress blogs, I felt like I can’t do the same. I thought that those crazy enough to subscribe to my blogs or visit occasionally expected some formality in my blog posts, some words of wisdom, some well-researched information made more exciting with links to great content, like funny or heartwarming videos.

In short, blogging demands some effort while microblogging only requires me to say something—anything—and I can be all silly about it.

Said another way: I became lazy to write longer than 140 characters. You can sense that I’m hardworking like that (headhunters, no judgment please, at least I’m honest, right?).

So yes, I abandoned my blogs like a parent giving up a baby for adoption. Only in my case I didn’t look for foster parents; I left them to die. I’m a good guy like that.

But here I am now starting a blog again. I even bought a domain this time and paid for three-year hosting. Crazy people rejoice, you’ve got a comrade here.

So what is this blog about? I don’t know. Not yet. Maybe I won’t ever know. Tell me. Maybe you’ve got a bright idea. It’s the ‘in thing’ to do now, right? They call it crowdsourcing. I call it the-cool-excuse-to-ask-help-when-you-don’t-know-what-to-do approach.  Being clueless never looked this cool. Digital is fucking awesome.

Write your suggested topics in the comments section (c’mon, some audience participation here), and I’ll pretend like I really care. Haha! 🙂

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